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Reshaping Traditional Inspirations

When it comes to menswear, one could argue that its embodied nature is somewhat stale, lacking the outbursts and creative momentum inherent to women’s fashion. In fact, apart from a select few forward thinking designers and fashion houses who aim to disrupt traditional male silhouettes, proportions and overall garment design, menswear has created deep roots in what regards its origins and sources of inspiration. Nonetheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that men’s fashion is boring or static for that matter: similarly to a fine bottle of wine, it has been maturing and refining its distinct traits over the years.

One of the aspects that presents a most cyclical nature, is the inspirational sources brands and designers resort to when developing new collections. Albeit driven by a desire to reshape and reinterpret classic garments with a modern take, there is a reminiscent comeback to the eclectic catalyst subjects of the creative process: uniforms (army, navy, etc) workwear, dandies or gentlemen are but a few. Personally, I find this process of continuously traveling back in time to draw inspiration from multiple sources truly fascinating. Focusing on the army/military universe (one of my favourites), and after featuring the Sahariana, this look presents 1ST PAT-RN’s interpretation of the utility jacket, the Tropicale.

One of my purchases during last Pitti, the unique fit and details on the jacket turned quite a few heads during the event. Fully unstructured and featuring their trademark knit twill fabric in a rich camel shade, along with four pockets, strap details and unique buttons made with milk protein, the Tropicale is proof that military garments can be revamped with a tailored look.

Details: Tropicale jacket by 1ST PAT-RN, oxford button down shirt by Our Legacy, twill pants by CAMO, tasseled loafers by Bexley, pocket square by Lobo Marinho, polka dot socks by Pé de Meia, watch by Baume & Mercier and vintage knit tie, suspenders and leather messenger.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

Ph: Filipa Alves

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